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Driven by passion,
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Hylo is the place where people who are passionate about their dreams come together to support each other and make them a reality.

It's a community where you can connect with others who share your purpose and work towards achieving your goals together.

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Many online groups struggle with engagement. On Hylo, groups transform into vibrant, self-organized, collaborative networks.

Hylo makes it easy for group members to step into leadership, enabling the group to grow and deepen its impact.

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Work on projects across groups and get help from throughout your network. With cross-group collaboration, you'll access more resources and make things happen faster.

Powering an emerging ecosystem,
building a better world

Hylo is an open source project stewarded by Terran Collective alongside partners, contributors, and donors from around the world.

Hylo is a not-for-profit, community-led technology commons. We work with real-world groups to co-design technology solutions to their needs, and then share them with the world. Here are just some of the partners and contributors that have shaped Hylo.

Zebras Unite!Bionutrient Food AssociationNew_ PublicOpen TeamPacific IntegralPlanetary Health AllianceProsocial WorldRegen NetworkTribal Resource CenterSalmon Nation TrustTerran CollectiveHolochain

The tools you need to activate your group

Define your group membrane

You decide the visibility and accessibility of your group. Whether public and open, or invite-only, create the container that feels right.

Group privacy settingsGroup privacy settings

Customize your experience

Our advanced admin settings make it easy to curate an experience that's perfect for your group. Custom views show members exactly what they need to see and link out to critical resources.

Customization optionsCustomization optionsCustomization options

Grow relationships with collaborators

Our web and mobile apps allow community members to deepen relationships and collaborate through discussions, requests, offers, resources, member directories, direct messaging, and chat.


Host cross-group conversations

Share one post with multiple groups, creating a shared conversation for cross-pollination and emergence.

Cross-group conversation

Guide toward action

Whether planning an online event or a creek restoration day, Hylo's coordination tools guide groups toward action. Use Projects to kick-start collaboration and Events to gather online or IRL.

Guide toward actionGuide toward action

Composable ecosystems

Groups can add unlimited subgroups AND join other groups, making it easy to form and navigate large networks. This composability allows people to connect across membranes and work on shared goals.

Composable ecosystems

Discover local connections

Hylo has a geographic map and specific tools for bioregional and place-based groups, facilitating coordination at the scale regeneration actually happens: locally.

Local and Place-based

Understand your network

Hylo is a tool for collective sensemaking, designed to source intelligence from the edges of a network. By aggregating content from nested groups, we help you understand what's alive in your ecosystem.

Nurture a prosocial culture

Hylo facilitates the transition from top-down to peer-to-peer coordination, helping your group evolve and scale your impact.

No ads, no distractions

Hylo is a public good; a community-led and non-profit technology commons. It's free to use, with no extractive revenue model harvesting your data or attention.

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The future is


The landscape around each of us is alive with activity. Hylo empowers communities to coordinate at the scale of their local landscape -- their bioregion -- and come alive in the places they inhabit.

Get involved in local happenings and celebrate the place you call home.

Find local businesses and projects to support for a more resilient community.

Work together to care for the land and restore healthy ecosystems.

Planetary regeneration
is within reach

Join us in nurturing a culture of stewardship that unlocks collaboration at the scale of the biosphere.

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Planetary Grid
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