About Hylo

We're changing the way communities work together by helping groups be more organized, creative, and resourceful.

Hylo was created to support communities working to solve the great challenges of our time. Our mission is to build a more just and creative world by making tools that help communities organize and thrive.

We believe that connected communities of empowered individuals will create a more just, creative, and sustainable world.

We work to help communities build cultures of generosity, creativity, and collaboration so they can achieve ambitious goals and make the world a better place.

Our Values

We are committed to putting the experience and privacy of our users first. We never sell ads or user data, and we will always offer a free version of our software.

Our core product is open source, and our APIs allow you to export and remix your data however you see fit.

We believe that all life is fundamentally interdependent, and that we are all responsible to each other, the Earth, and future generations.

Hylo: Short for hylozoism

(from the Greek hyle, “matter”; zoe, “life”): The philosophical doctrine holding that all matter (including the universe as a whole) is alive and conscious.